autopatch2-128x128Fully automated Multibeam Echosounder and Laser Scanner patch test calculator.
Your calibration report is just a click away!

AutoPatch can be used to calibrate the mounting angles for multibeam echosounders and laser scanners. It is very easy to operate, it is fast and gives consistent and reproducible results. It is also a great tool to determine the overall quality of your survey configuration.

Product Features

  • Very easy to operatepdf-download
  • One button click to complete the full calculation
  • Calculates Roll/Pitch/Heading mounting angles, various latencies, Transducer offset shifts.
  • Refraction, analyse sound velocity and SVP optimization
  • Height fitting for none-RTK data
  • Automatic line and area selection
  • Extensive calibration report
  • Includes despiking/outlier removal for sounder data
  • Exact calculation algorithms, using full ray-tracing
  • Consistent and reproducible calibration results
  • Supports XTF (QINSy), Hypack HSX, Kongsberg ALL+KMALL, Teledyne PDS, WASSP, Reson S7K, GeoSwath RDF, BeamworX Raw Format
  • Calibrates Single/Dual Head multibeam systems including separate TX and RX elements
  • Calculates the best-fit result from multiple survey lines


The 2D Chart View (left), combined with the Slice Views (right) for Pitch Roll and Heading data allow for detailed inspection of the data fit.

Best-fit Result

AutoPatch automatically picks the best possible survey data for it’s calibration procedure.  The result of the calculation is the best possible transducer mounting angle for the entire patch test area.


Problem Analysis

AutoPatch can carry out various automatic tests on the survey data, this includes position-, motion- , multibeam latency tests, sound velocity profile errors, mis-alignment of pitch/roll sensor, transducer offset position. The found values can immediately be applied and visualized.


Example Movie