BeamworX products are used by Hydrographic Survey and Dredging companies, Port Authorities and Government Agencies around the globe.
Some of our clients have sent us their testimonials for which we are very grateful.


“AutoPatch is a user friendly and straightforward software. Jan De Nul uses it in the field to calculate patch values for all their multibeam set ups.The great advantage with comparable software is that the software generates the best patch value offsets for the complete data input, independent of the user. This fact, together with the fact that the software generates a clear report, makes it a reliable software towards clients around the world. Furthermore, the software contains some very useful tools which helps to analyze the vessel set up.

AutoClean is a very powerful 3D point data cleaning tool. Jan De Nul Group uses it on all of their projects.
It can clean data within a blink of an eye. The automated filters don’t reject real data points nevertheless they are very powerful and fast.
The new Geo Locator tool is again spot on. It is very powerful tool to visualize the spots surveyors want to see.
The support is good and reliable. New features are implemented within reasonable time.”  

Jan de Nul Group


“AutoClean can clean your (MB) data with smart (automated) filters. And it works. Fast, efficiently and reliable. Having used AutoClean from the beginning, a whole lot of improvements have been made since. And it keeps getting better because BeamworX listens to the input of the end-user, as well as coming up with even cleverer ways to import, clean, present and output your data.“


“The major strength of BeamworX is the ability to listen and translate the users’ wishes into highly productive software. AutoClean saves us time to create an even more reliable product in less time!”

J. de Jong (bsc), Senior Hydrographic Surveyor, Periplus Group B.V.


“AutoClean has shown to be a valuable addition to our existing software package. We’ve experienced a great improvement in efficiency when it comes to the processing of MBES-data. It is also good to see that feedback of customers is taken in to account in new releases.”

W. Roth, Head of Survey dept. Baggerbedrijf de Boer B.V. / Dutch Dredging B.V.


“BeamworX provides us in-depth training in the use of bathymetric survey software.
AutoClean brings the processing of bathymetric survey data down to what is really essential.

AutoPatch guarantees a correct verification of a multibeam system. Due to the limited time consumption it takes, surveyors love to carry it out!”

Lorentz Lievens, Head of Survey Department, DEME nv


“GEOxyz uses the BeamworX software since the beginning. The development AutoClean has made the last few months, based on client requests and remarks, is incredible. The program is intuitive, has a great 3D tool, and is very powerful to work with large datasets. The ‘preview’ option for filtering is a major advantage compared to other software packages.


“We have been extremely satisfied with AutoClean since we implemented this survey program into our data processing workflow.

We have been really impressed by how stable and powerful the program is. All the existing and new software functionalities seem to match perfectly our needs from a user perspective and I can confidently say that this program added great benefits to the efficiency and quality of our processing workflow. The entire PHS Team adapted to this new program quickly and really appreciated its functionalities at first use. I was particularly impressed to see how fast you addressed our specific user requests (such as the “spot soundings”) and I am greatly thankful for this.”

Mathieu Bestille, Operations Manager – BSc – CPHS1, Precision Hydrographic Services

“AutoClean and AutoPatch are excellent software. Fast and accurate solution.

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