Easy Echosounder Data Acquisition!

NavAQ is a user-friendly and versatile navigation and data acquisition program for Laser Scanners, Single- and Multi Beam Echosounders.

Positioning and Bathymetry results are computed in real-time, and visualized in various displays. All raw sensor data is logged for further processing. The raw and result files that are generated, seamlessly integrate into our other products AutoClean and AutoPatch. NavAQ includes flexible geodetic coordinate conversion routines for most existing Coordinate Reference Systems, including geoid models.

The Raw and result data are presented in various types of user-definable displays:

  • Raw Single Beam Echosounder Echogram.
  • Result for Multibeam Echosounder swaths.
  • Chart View with grid and backgrounds (CAD, GeoTiff, Webmap).
  • Graph and Numerical display.
  • Alerts and I/O status.
  • Left/Right Indicator for planned line.

A full range of equipment drivers is available (Serial, Network UDP, Network TCP):

  • Multibeam: Kongsberg, Teledyne Reson , R2Sonic, Norbit, WASSP, PingDsp, PicoTech.
  • Laser Scanner: Riegl, Z+F, Optech, Velodyne, Sick.
  • Motion: Ixsea, SBG, Applanix, Kongsberg, NMEA.
  • Single Beam: Kongsberg, Odom Teledyne, CEESCOPE, NMEA.
  • NMEA position and Generic user defined data.

Demonstration of a Teledyne Reson T20P in combination with NavAQ: