New update for AutoPatch Version 2.0.3

New update for AutoPatch Version 2.0.3

We have released a new version of our Multibeam Calibration Tool AutoPatch.
This update contains a number of improvements, see below for the highlights. 

Support for Teledyne PDS raw data files

AutoPatch can now read data files that were recorded by the Teledyne PDS software. When a multibeam echosounder calibration is carried out with PDS, AutoPatch can directly read the raw records from the PDS file and calibrate the system. It supports multiple GPS, Gyro, Attitude systems and one multibeam system.


Support for Heading records from Kongsberg All file

Sometimes a Kongsberg ALL file contains an extra Gyro record next to the more common A (Attitude) record. These  gyro records are now decoded also by AutoPatch. An extra Motion Sensor named “External Gyro” is added to the survey configuration for this. In the Computation settings you can select this gyro system for usage in the calibration.


Reload all previous calibration results when loading the project

All the calibration results are now stored in the project file, not just the final mounting angles but also the combination results. On reloading the project you can immediately see all previous calibration results and even create a new report with this. This is very handy, you can sent the project to the office where the results can be evaluated without having to redo the calibration procedure.

Reduced memory usage

We managed to optimize the memory usage of AutoPatch by 45% without affecting the calibration procedure or results.


Added Screen captures to the report

We added the option to add the Chart View and Pitch/Roll/Heading boxes as screen captures to the calibration report. The actual views are simply copied and placed in the document. The Images are added to the end of the report on different pages.


All customers have received an email with the download link.
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