New Update for AutoClean 1.1.5

New Update for AutoClean 1.1.5

Today we have released a new version of our product AutoClean (1.1.5).
Most work was done on the Single Beam Editor. Note that an additional Add-On license is required for this module.

The most important improvements are:

AutoClean General

CL-574 GSF Export Datum not set

When an export of points was done to GSF the output horizontal datum was not set, left to undefined. This was no liked by third party software. The horizontal datum is now set to “WGS-84”.

CL-582 Add manual Transducer height to Quality settings

CL-583 User Defined ASCII Export – Tab delimiter char not working

Bug Fix: Import of custom ASCII file. The <TAB> could not be used as delimiter (separator) character. This is fixed.

CL-584 Make importing of result data from Kongsberg All files more robust.

We received an ALL format file that was corrupted. The last packet reported a size that did not fit in the file so the file must have been truncated for some reason. The importing code was made more robust to prevent this in the future.

CL-587 FAU files from Caris – Automatic Byte order detection

Fau files that originate from CARIS have the byte order different (little endian) from what is specified in the original specification (big endian). The endian-ness is now determined from the time and Height automatically.

Single Beam Editor Add-On

TO-32 Add Automatic filters

Automated filters were added to the single beam editor:
1) Basic Clipping, to clip shallow points, used to flag erroneous zero depths.
2) Despiker. This will flag points which height deviates significantly from its neighbors.
3) Smoothing: This averages all point heights.
Note that only heights are modified. Also important to mention is that points are never clipped as this causes holes in the profile. Instead all flagged points are interpolated between their neighbors.

Filter properties are set per channel, this way the low frequency channel may receive a different treatment then the more stable high frequency.

TO-36 Show reference layer

It is now possible to show the grid reference layer also in the single beam editor. Obviously this works only when the AutoClean grid reference layer is populated.
The horizontal position of the soundings are used to retrieve the height information from the grid. Note that the mean of the grid ref layer is shown.
This is an option that must be enabled int the settings dialog.


TO-37 Add Zoom Tool Bar

A special zoom toolbar was added to SBEdit to allow for easier zooming and panning through the data.
Horizontally the profile is divided into pages depending on the scale. This allows for quick navigation through the data.

From Left to right:

Zoom All Horizontally Horizontal scale is changed such that the entire profile fits into the screen
Zoom All Vertically Vertical scale is changed such that all point in the profile will become visible.
Pan to first page Jump to first page of the profile (smallest time/distance)
Pan to previous page Jump one page before the current
shows which screen is shown Shows which page is visible, based on current horizontal scale and the line length this is determined.
Pan to next screen Jump to next page of the profile
Pan to last page Jump to last page.
Vertical scale Height scale of view, e.g. 5 means 5 meter shown. Displays the actual scale when zooming in/out.

For more info please refer to the manual pages..