New AutoPatch Version 2.0

New AutoPatch Version 2.0

We have released the totally renewed version of our automatic multibeam calculation tool AutoPatch!

We have kept all the good things from version 1.6, the program layout still has the same “look and feel” and the calibration principles are the same.
This ensures an easy transition for existing users while also facilitating new users with more demanding survey configurations.
AutoPatch 1.6 users can upgrade freely to version 2. Version 1.6 will be maintained for some time to allow 32-bit users to upgrade.

What is new in version 2.0:


  • Support for new file formats Hypack HSX and Kongsberg ALL files, XTF with two multibeam systems (dual head).
  • Support for dual head multibeam systems, also for separate TX/RX offset position and angles.
  • New extensive PDF report.
  • New analyze options, e.g. for Position Latency and Pitch/Roll Non-Alignment.
  • New data cleaning algorithms (same as used in AutoClean).
  • Fully customizable survey configuration (e.g. system C-O’s, offset locations etc.)
  • Improved Help system and manual.

User Interface:

  • Modernized gui, including toolbar and re-categorized menu options.
  • Chart View shows a sun illuminated sounding grid, also shows cell attributes: reject count, deepest and shallowest.
  • Slice Views have improved zooming capabilities.
  • Added Survey Configuration dialog. This shows the imported vessel and system setup and computation settings.
  • Added profile dialog to allow data inspection on any area.

New update for AutoPatch 2.0.4 


For more information see AutoPatch. Please contact us on for a demonstration.