New AutoClean Version 1.1

New AutoClean Version 1.1


New release of AutoClean, Version 1.1.

We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of our cleaning program AutoClean.
This version contains some bug fixes and improvements, furthermore we have added the following new functionality:


1. 3D View upgrade

-New High performance point shading, this applies shading to the scene based on points with a very low latency.

-Point Coloring Based on Height, horizontal Distance, File ID and Intensity.

-New Cursor mode Filtering.
Complements the existing “clip” or “accept” functionality. It is now possible to select an area with the cursor and execute the active filter on the small area instantly. So on top of rejection an area entirely you can now use this as a “smart” clipping tool.

3D View of Lidar Data

3D View of Multibeam Echosounder Data


2. Interpolation for Holes

It is now possible to fill the detected holes in the Sounding Grid by Interpolation. This works based on grid cells. Effectively it will fill the empty cells that are part of a hole with virtual points. These points are added to a virtual point file that can be handled like any other point file.

3. Height Shifting

Some new functionality was added to shift the entire survey up or down by a single value. Also a function was added to reset this shift for the entire survey.

4. Inspection Area Selection improvements

Selecting an area for cleaning in AutoClean is done mainly by mouse. An area is selected by dragging a rectangle or by simply moving the anchors of the shown Inspection Area. The loading of the points can now be delayed as long as the CTRL or SHIFT button is depressed on the keyboard. This gives you the opportunity to relocate the area to the desired location in multiple mouse operations. When CTRL or SHIFT is released then the points are finally loaded.


5. Export Screenshot

The currently shown Slice View, Chart View, 3D View can now all be exported to an image for reporting.