New update for AutoClean 1.1.4

New update for AutoClean 1.1.4

We have released a new version of our data cleaning program AutoClean, Version 1.1.4.
This update contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements, see below for the highlights. 


Import ASCII Data With User-Defined Columns

It is now possible to Import ASCII Text files with a user-defined field definition. Various point properties can be imported e.g.Time + Date, Intensity, Classification, Reject Flag, Beam Angle etc.
The Format Definitions are shared with the Point Export and can easily be extended and modified.


Clip On Intensity

New filter that clips points based on their intensity. This can be either an absolute value or a relative value with respect to the direct neighboring points.
Filter can be used in four modes: Absolute – Clip Outside, Relative – Clip High, Relative – Clip Low, Relative – Clip Outside.


Grid Feature Markers, added support for Reference, Difference, Slope Corrected 95% Confidence

AutoClean supports the import of a grid reference layer and the usage of the Slope Corrected 95% Confidence. layer. With this, AutoClean can visualize the corrected confidence, reference or the difference in the Chart View and Slice View. It was not yet possible to use these as a condition for a Grid Feature marker. This has now been added.


Automatic Height Fit to Reference Layer

It is now possible to auto-fit the height of an entire survey on the grid reference layer. Note that a single shift value is calculated per file and applied.

Slice View – Distinct File Colors

By Default the Slice View colorizes the points by file ID. In projects with a high amount of lines/data files it may occur that 2 adjacent lines have an identical or very similar color, this since the colors are repeated.
To avoid this an additional option “Use Distinct Colors” was added to the view properties. When enabled, a limited number of distinct colors are used in the Slice View.
The distinctive color array is automatically created based on the background color.



New About Box

Every BeamworX program contains a new About Box. Here an overview is displayed on which programs and add-on’s are licensed on the dongle and when they expire.




All customers have received an email with the download link.
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