New AutoClean Version 1.3

New AutoClean Version 1.3

Today we have released a brand new version (1.3) of AutoClean with some great new features!!
Below the most important new functionality is described. Subscribed users have received a download link by email.

Please notice that this is a major version upgrade and so this will be installed next to AutoClean version 1.2. You must manually uninstall any previous versions.

1) Map Service – Chart View Background

A new “Map Services” background layer in the Chart View has been introduced that can be used to display popular TMS tile mapping services. Currently supported are: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and OpenSeaMap. Note that an active internet connection is required in order to download the tiles. The tiles are cached in the Windows temp folder to prevent high bandwidths and server loads.

2) Show Triangulated Surface in 3D View

The 3D View can now show a triangulated (Delaunay 2D) surface of the seafloor which can be useful for presentation purposes. This is an alternative to the point shading that existed so far in the 3D View. The shading method can be selected in the View Properties 3D Tab. Note that showing triangles is a bit slower than our regular point shading.

3) Grid Intensity Layer

It is now possible to show a “mean intensity” grid layer in the Chart View. For formats that do not contain an intensity or when it is just not of interest to the user it is made optional.

 4) Single Beam Editor – Shortcut keys

For the Single Beam Editor it was not yet possible to define short cut keys. This is now added in this release.
The “Customize shortcuts” dialog contains two tabs, one with definition from the main AutoClean Window, and one for the SB Editor.

Contact us on for a demonstration of the new functionality.