New AutoPatch Version 2.1

New AutoPatch Version 2.1

Today we have released a new version (2.1) of AutoPatch.
This version contains some small bug fixes and new functionality. Note that this version will be installed sided-by-side with AutoPatch 2.0.x. The latter should be uninstalled manually.

The following new functionality was added:

1) Support for WASSP Generation 3 Multibeam Echosounders

Support was added for WASSP G3 Multibeam data files. AutoPatch can directly read the WASSP raw data files (wmbf) and extract data and Survey Configuration and from it and perform the calibration.

2) Support for Kongsberg EM2040M and EM2040P Multibeam Echosounders

Support for the new Kongsberg EM2040P (portable) and the EM2040M was added. This only applies to the internal TX and RX elements offsets which are unique for each system.  AutoPatch can read the model number from the ALL file to identify the system automatically. Note that the data records are identical to those used by other EM2040 variants.


3) Teledyne PDS – Improvements

AutoPatch can read raw data and Survey Configuration from PDS files, for this version the following improvements were made to the import of PDS:

-Dual head system support was added ( e.g. Kongsberg EM2040C dual), the previous version supported only single head systems.
-Support reading latencies for Positioning, Gyro, Motion
-Support for tilt angle (forward steering), this was not yet supported in previous versions.


4) Added Support for Manual Draft Offset in Survey Configuration

For Kongsberg ALL files it happens that the WLZ value has been set. This is the manual Draft of the COG.
AutoPatch now supports this because it is required to know where the Ray Tracing should start in the sound velocity profile.

Contact us on for a demonstration of the new functionality.