New Release BeamworX 2020.1

New Release BeamworX 2020.1

We have released a new version of the BeamworX software suite (version 2020.1). For a full description of the resolved issues please check the release notes that come with the installer. Registered users will receive a download link via email.


1) Export To Plot

Export of a scaled Geotiff from a user defined area with various layers, e.g. shallow soundings, contours, colored grid, cad, WMS, ENC etc.
The resulting Geotiff can be straight imported into a third party plot program. GeoTiff contains boundary and CRS info. 

2) S-57 ENC background

Unencrypted S-57 000 cells can now be shown in an optional background layer.

3) Save/Load Project Edits

The edits that were carried out on the point files can be saved to an “edit file”. The edit file can then be restored in another project. This enables collaborative (multi-user) cleaning.


1)  Delayed Heave recording

Delayed and real time heave can optionally be recorded in a separate bwxhve file. The difference can be applied to the result data in AutoClean.

2) S-57 ENC background

S-57 ENC cells can be shown in the background of the chart view.

3)  New Device Drivers

The following drivers were added in this release:

Laser: Z+F Laser scanners, Riegl Laser scanners, Optech Polaris
Multi Beam: Bar Sweep Driver
GPS/IMU: Advanced Spatial Binary, IxBlue Std Bin.

  Post Processing

The following formats are supported for post-processed trajectory import:
User defined ASCII, Applanix SBET, Coda MCOM, OXTS NCOM, TerraPos NMA, National Resources Canada PPP, Applanix POSM/V dump, Advanced Navigation ANPP.