New Release BeamworX 2020.2

New Release BeamworX 2020.2

We have released a new version of the BeamworX software suite (version 2020.2). For a full description of the resolved issues please check the release notes that come with the installer. Registered users will receive a download link via email.

1) New Filters

Two new filters were added:

Inverted Cloth Filter
Laser point cloud filter to reject or classify the buildings, trees etc. from the ground plane.

Clip Outerbeams
New filter to reject the outer edge of the swath, input either relative or absolute distance.

2) Color Map Editor

Finally you can make your own favorite color scheme, no more xml hacking skills are required!

1) Map Service Background

The Chart View will now show Google Maps or any other WMTS or TMS service in the background.

2) Laser Calibration

AutoPatch now supports a special mode for laser calibration. Simply assign an area with an object (antenna pole, building etc.) and it will automatically calculation the best fit solution.

1) 3D Display

New Display that shows a live point cloud of the bathymetry or laser returns.

2) Remote Display Client(s)

One “Primary” NavAQ computer can play a server for several NavAQ client computers. On these clients the same data can be visualized. Data is sent over ordinary TCP/IP so it can be sent locally but also over the internet.

3) Vehicle Linking

NavAQ now supports positioning of so-called “link tool” vehicles. This allows you to fully calculate position and attitude for Excavators, Grabs, Pan/Tilt Units, Hopper Suction Arms etc. This requires no additional license.

4) Dredging Support

Dredging functionality was added for hoppers, cutters and excavators. Grid can be updated by the dredge head and visualized in the various displays including a new profile display.