New Release BeamworX 2021.2

New Release BeamworX 2021.2

We have released the second new version of the BeamworX software suite of this year (version 2021.2). For a full description of the resolved issues (103) please check the release notes that come with the installer. Registered users will receive a download link via email. Some highlights are mentioned below.

1) New Chart View Layer: Soundings

It is now possible to add a “Soundings” layer to the Chart View, dynamically updated when zooming or panning.

2) Planned Line Support

Planned Line (Theoretical Line) support added. MP/DX calculation is done for active line. Line info can be read from bwxres file header but can also be imported from CAD or Geo Locators.

3) Geo Locators – More Options

Added new functionality to Geo Locators:
-5 optional Extra meta fields
-Type support + icons
-MP/dX fields (w.r.t. Planned Line)
-Fully customizable icons/type/Meta Field Options

4) Multi Color Map support

In the Chart View a color map can be specified per Grid Attribute (e.g. Mean, 95% Confidence, Count).

1) Computation can use “Course Over Ground” and “Zero Pitch/Roll/Heave”

For simple Single Beam Echosounder Setups it was highly desirable to choose directly the Course Over Ground for vessel heading and zero pitch/roll/heave values for motion. In the past this was only possible via driver settings.

2) New NavAQ Drivers

New drivers were added for the following systems:

-Ouster OSx Laser Scanner Family
-USDIGITAL pitch/roll sensors (SEI Protocol)
-ELAC Seabeam 1050 multibeam system
-Moxa E1200 ELogik series (Generic I/O)

3) Ping Result Display distance transducer to seafloor

For user convenience we added the distance between transducer and nadir beam distance to the measures bottom.

4) NTRIP Client

An NTRIP Client program was added to the BeamworX Suite. It can be started directly form NAVAQ. The Actual position of the “Active Offset Position” is used to request VRS corrections.