New Release BeamworX 2021.3

New Release BeamworX 2021.3

We have released the latest version of the BeamworX software suite (version 2021.3). For a full description of the resolved issues (69) please check the release notes that come with the installer. Registered users will receive a download link via email. Some highlights are mentioned below.

1) Ping Reducer

A filter was added that can reduce the number of accepted points with a “ping-by-ping” reducer filter.
This filter rejects footprints that are part of a ping. Various settings are supported.

2) Various bug fixes/small improvements

Focus of this release for AutoClean was to improve overall quality of the program. Lots of bug fixes and small improvements were carried out.

1) Grid – Support multiple Layers

The used sounding grid can now be fully customized, multiple layers can be added. These layers can be filled with echosounder results but also used to import and visualize design/reference data in profile and chart view displays.

2) Dredging Dumping

Support was added for Dredging Dumping, by bay or by rainbowing. This updates the grid.

3) TPU Calculation

A Total Propagated Uncertainty (TPU) calculator was added. The calculation is based on the Dutch RWS AMUST method. It must be activated in the Survey Configuration, here also all parameters for the used systems should be entered. The TPH and TPV values can be visualized in a grid layer but are also part of the bwxres file.

4) Anchor Handling

Basic Anchor management was added to NavAQ. Anchor status can be shown in displays but also output by generic driver. The anchor action is “driven” by a manual input driver. Actions are stored in a anchor log file.

5) New NavAQ Drivers

New drivers were added for the following systems:

-Advantech ADAM I/O units
-Hesai Pandar Family Laser Scanner
-Knudsen Echosounder Family
-Imagenex DT360
-Time Output Driver