New Release BeamworX 2022.1

New Release BeamworX 2022.1

We have released the latest version of the BeamworX software suite (version 2022.1). For a full description of the resolved issues (91) please check the release notes that come with the installer. Registered users will receive a download link via email. Some highlights are mentioned below.

1) Full TPU Support

It is now possible to calculate THU/TVU values during raw import. Extra grid layers were added to show the maximum THU and maximum TVU. The bwxres files contain a THU and TVU value per footprint.

2) Extra Grid Layer for design

Similar to the reference layer an extra design layer was added. This can also be use to visualize the difference in the chart view.

3) Tide Processing By Station

Tide can now be applied based on multiple stations with multiple tide data files. Interpolation methods based on direct distance to station or via a river axis.

4) External Tools Menu

The new Tools|External Tools menu gives easy access to all the utility programs in the BeamworX suite.
User defined entries can be added by placing a shortcut file (lnk) to the desired executable or batch file in the BeamworX program folder.

1) Camera driver

A new driver that supports two types of camera’s: DSLR cameras and normal webcams.
Driver can be used in two modes:
1-Take a picture every fix. These images are then enriched with EXIF position and timestamp tags.
2-Use as a web camera for monitoring purposes.

2) Enriched GSF Export

It is now possible to export GSF (Generic Sensor Format) files enriched with sensor data (meta data) blocks and imagery (snippets). These files can be used to open in Geocoder based applications for further processing.

3) Graph display X-Y mode

The existing graph display is extended with an X-Y plot mode. Instead of time on the horizontal axis it can now also place another item on this axis. This allows for making scatter plots from delta positions etc.

4) More NavAQ Drivers

New drivers were added for the following systems:

-Inertial Labs IMU’s (via user defined binary output)
-Quanergy M8 laser scanner
-Velodyne VLS-128 Ultra Prime laser scanner

Universal Data Viewer

A new utility was created for inspection of all kinds of raw and result files: bwxraw, bwxres, gsf, pds, hsx, xtf, fau and all other formats supported by the BeamworX suite. This tool can be started via the External tools menu that was added to both AutoClean and NavAQ.