New Release BeamworX 2022.2

New Release BeamworX 2022.2

We have released the latest version of the BeamworX software suite (version 2022.2). For a full description of the resolved issues (70) please check the release notes that come with the installer. Registered users will receive a download link via email. Various small bugfixes and improvements were carried out. Some highlights are mentioned below.

1) Autoscript Processing

AutoClean can be started with a script text filename as command line argument. This script contains commands like Create Project, Filter, Export Points, Exit. The script is immediately executed on start-up.

2) Mean THU and TVU Layer

In previous versions the TVU and THU Max layers were introduced. Now we added also a Mean TVU and Mean THU layer for visualization and export purposes.

3) Faster Backscatter Processor

By optimizing the File I/O for backscatter processing a speed improvement of 40-50% was achieved.

4) Export to point files By Area

A new mode was added to point data export for multiple areas in once. Each point file contains the area name and all points inside it.

1) Chart View – North Up Forward Looking

By popular demand we added a forward looking mode for North up orientation.

2) Easier Geoid Creation

Geoid (GTX) files can now directly be created/imported from the “Edit CRS” dialog. So there is no need to start BwxGeo program for this conversion. Also an easy way to import British Admiralty VORF VRF files was added. We also added a quick way of inspecting a GTX file in AutoClean with one button click.

3) New Drivers

New drivers were added for the following systems:
Trimble/Applanix GSOF binary (e.g. for AP+ boards)
SyQwest Single Beam Echosounder (including raw samples)
Edgetech Sub-bottom Profiler (e.g. 3400/2300 etc.)