New Release BeamworX 2023.3

New Release BeamworX 2023.3

We have a new version of the BeamworX software suite (version 2023.3). For a full description of the resolved issues (48) please check the release notes that come with the installer. Registered users will receive a download link via email. Various small bugfixes and improvements were carried out. Some new functionality is mentioned below.

1) Split a large project into several smaller ones

A large project can be split into several smaller ones based on areas. Files are automatically copied over to the project folders.

2) Grid View Layer transparency option

The grid view layer has a new option to set the transparency, making layers that lie below the grid layer visible.

3) Upgraded LAS Import/Export to Version 1.4

LAS import/export was upgraded to version 1.4. This allows for classifications larger than 31.

1) Automatic Sound Velocity Profile (SVP) Loading

With this function NavAQ can automatically load a Sound Velocity Profile (SVP) file from a folder that it is monitoring and apply it to the setup and online footprint result calculation, even while recording. Several options are available to optimize the workflow. This is typically used in combination with a Moving Velocity Profiler System (MVP).

2) Camera Driver added support for ONVIF compatible IP Cameras

IP camera that support the ONVIF standard (Open Network Video Interface Forum) are now supported by the camera driver. For example most Hikvision models support this standard.

3) Other Driver Improvements

The following drivers were upgraded:
Kongsberg EM Driver, added legacy system support (EM300/EM3000).
WASSP Driver, added support for sidescan
Hesai Driver, added support for XT16 model