New Update for AutoClean 1.2.2

New Update for AutoClean 1.2.2

Today we have released a new update for AutoClean (1.2.2).
This update contains some bug fixes and also some new functionality. Some highlights of the release are:

1) Add “Smooth Area” filter

New filter type “Smooth Area” was introduced that interpolates the heights of the survey.

This filter can be used to “height repair” an area or even the complete survey. This filter first calculates a mean, distance interpolated grid, and then height shift all the footprints Z values to the grid height. The result is rather drastic, all points will be Z shifted! The strength of the smoothing is determined by the number of Neighbors. The more neighboring cells are selected, the smoother the surface becomes.

2) Allow drag and drop of point files

It is now possible to drag point files from the windows file explorer and drop them on AutoClean. The “Add File” wizard will be shown with the file names. You should complete the wizard yourself.

3) Optimize Speed for Point Export Area

When exporting points of an area only, the export was relatively slow. This was optimized and is now about 10 times faster.

4) When importing Kongsberg results, show option to choose RTK or Ref Waterline

Kongsberg ALL file only. Users are now given the option to use the GPS RTK heights stored in the “h” record of the all file or import heights ref the waterline. The new “Use GPS Heights” option should result in point heights w.r.t. the WGS-84 ellipsoid or any other datum when a CRS is used (this was the previous behavior). When this option is not used the point heights will be referred to the waterline (new behavior).

5) Write edits back to source – Scan subfolders for source files too

It is now possible to update files that are not all in the same folder. When the new option “Include subfolders” is checked, a scan is done for the matching files in the specified folder AND in the child folder of the parent folder. The scan is recursive so the entire directory tree is scanned. Because the scanning may take some time there is a progress dialog (including a cancel button) shown during scanning.

Contact us on for a demonstration of the new functionality.