User-friendly Single Beam Editor!

SBEdit makes it very easy  to edit Single Beam Echosounder Data (SBE) in Chart Datum with the raw acoustics as background. The background makes it easier to decide how to edit the digitized High and Low Frequencies (HF and LF).

SBEdit is an AutoClean Add-On, it is fully integrated into AutoClean.

The SBE result data is presented in Chart Datum and the raw acoustics are aligned exactly to the result, you can freely zoom around at any zoom level, the acoustics will always be presented at the correct location. The presentation of the acoustics is configurable with different color palettes and drawing order. The Grid reference layer can optionally be shown to compare the data with previous or other (multibeam) surveys.

A full range of edit tools is available:

  • Manual clipping with the mouse cursor
  • Assign new height by “free-drawing” with the mouse cursor
  • Automatic “boxcar” Despiking
  • Height Averaging
  • Undo every edit action

The modifications are stored in the files alongside the original digitization. At all times it is possible to revert to the original digitization.

NavAQ is used to log the “echogram” data directly from the sounder and the position results from a 3rd party Acquisition software or from raw sensors. These files are then commonly presented in AutoClean and SBEdit. The Echosounder requires no hardware modification, most modern sounders can already output an “echogram” data packet over a network port.